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I report on climate and human rights. But I got my start reporting on everything.

At Princeton, I covered campus social media, architectural controversy, and Talmudic debates. I took a work-study job in the humanities office just to get closer to journalism professors. Over four years, I was lucky enough to learn from John McPhee, Laura Secor, Joe Stephens, and Amy Ellis Nutt, and twice won the Ferris Prize for Exceptional Student Journalism.

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I got my Master's at the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism in May 2021. There, my environmental policy coverage won the White House Correspondents Association Student Scholarship. I was also one of five recipients nationwide of the Taylor Blakeslee Fellowship from the Council for the Advancement of Science Writing, and the sole recipient of the National Press Club's Feldman Fellowship.

In fall 2022, I moved to Berlin for a journalism Fulbright, and will stay another year thanks to the European Journalism Fellowship.


 My print features have appeared in National Geographic, The Atlantic, The Nation, Foreign Policy, The New York Times, The San Francisco Chronicle, Yale Climate Connections, and more. My radio stories have aired on Reveal, PRI's The World, KQED's California Report Magazine and Morning Edition, and KALW.


When I'm not reporting, producing, or experimenting with sound design, you can find me biking around Berlin or practicing my stand-up bass.

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