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Reveal, The Center for Investigative Reporting

While in graduate school, I moonlit as a production assistant on the award-winning audio team of reporters, producers, and engineers churning out weekly episodes. 

I worked on investigative projects from pitch to publish: archival research, pulling great takes, editing, mixing, and honing my amateur sound design skills. In June 2021, I got to help produce a show I co-reported: the methane hour, Emission Control.

You can find my show bylines here.


production and research


Investigative Reporting Program, Aging in America 

Over my two years at Berkeley, I worked as a lead graduate researcher at the Investigative Reporting Program, working on Geeta Anand's investigation of the elder care industry. Her August 2019 New York Times op-ed on the subject was the top story on for a week. We set out in 2019 already convinced that this was one of America's most crucial stories.

With the pandemic, our reporting became more urgent than ever. In spring 2020, I followed the Bay Area's only senior shelter through the lockdown for the The New York Times. In November 2020, I interviewed a family grappling with at-home care after an assisted living facility outbreak for a KQED radio story.

Finally, I followed an elderly homeless couple's journey over more than a year of the pandemic. This account ran in The New York Times in July 2021.

U.C. Berkeley Human Rights Center Investigations Lab

In summer 2020, my plans to report on a Norwegian copper mine with a fellowship with the Human Rights Center were sidetracked. So I took the year as an opportunity to get involved in the Center's Investigations Lab, working on a cross-disciplinary team using OSINT techniques to investigate human rights abuses in the copper industry in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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The Science of Happiness Podcast, Greater Good Science Center

From January to June 2020, I was the Associate Producer of The Science of Happiness Podcast, co-produced by UC Berkeley's Greater Good Science Center and PRX. The show has over 15 million downloads, and has featured guests like Michael Lewis and Margaret Cho.

I worked behind the scenes on all aspects of the biweekly show assembly: writing show notes, brainstorming titles, reaching out to guests, conducting expert interviews, working with illustrators, building audiograms, webifying transcripts, and pressing publish.

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